Hello :)

I’m Yada Wisatekaew, a UX/UI and multidisciplinary designer at Emporion Innovations. 🚀

I’m fascinated by how great designs can improve people’s quality of life. Every step of the design process is my passion: from understanding users to solving problems that they may have. I enjoy different challenges from different projects where I can learn new skills and adapt them to my work. Working in a team helps me to view things through new perspectives and learn from people whom I work with.

Being a designer, understanding the people who use the products/services and designing user experiences are my priority. Ease of use has to come first. The visual aspects will follow after that. 👩🏻‍💻

You can see what I do when I design here.

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I read and learn whenever possible! 🤓

Apart from design, I’m passionate about photography, travel and music. 🤗