Project – 2019


kraan render

Kraan is a wall mounted controller with unique interactions that stimulate new experience in visualising and controlling the air.




Domus Academy


Akshay Purushotham, Pradyumna Surampudi, Rishik Agicha, Yada Wisatekaew, Yu-Hsuan Huang

My roles

Ideation, Interaction design, User experience design, Prototype

You can see my work process here.

Design Goals


Make it brandable

Design a unique, brandable wall mounted air controller for Midea


Make it easy

Achieve intuitive interactions and simplify visualization for functional aspects (eg. air flow/ power consumption)


Make it for short term

Utilize materials which already existed and make it possible to be developed, produced and marketed for the year 2020


Make it for mass market

Position the design to be in mid level products for Chinese market with global compatibility



is the largest air conditioning manufacturer in China and is one of the top air conditioning manufacturers in the world.


Controllers are one of the most important elements in air conditioner environment. It is the main touch point that brands can be exposed to its product users. Therefore, designing an air controller is not only about a proof of functionality but also a brandable aspect in consumer hands.

Unlike remote controller, wall mounted air controller is not always near the users. It has to be one of space’s furnitures/decorations, but always be on the wall and operates as an air controller.

Wall mounted air controller needs to be brandable and proof of its own funtionality in intuitive ways.

A specific archetype was assigned to be a target user of our design.

What we did in this project

Scope of work

UX design

We worked on a new experience which connects the brand and consumers

Interaction design

We designed ways that the product would be interacted with by using different scenarios


Physical prototype was created to show how the product works

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User Understanding

Personas and User journeys

From the given archetype we developed two personas and generated possible customer journeys.

John, 45

Mechanical Engineer
“I’m frustrated when there is no clear visualisation of technical usage.”

An American who lives in Shanghai. Married, has kids.

Need: Receiving clear and concise details of functionality and statistic from air controller
Pain point: I cannot see power consumption and information about environmental impact from the air controller
Goals: Having control on the reliable product

Liu, 75

“I want to be able to use technology too!”

A retired Chinese mother who stay at home.

Need: I want gadgets to be simple enough for me to use
Pain point: Complication using air controller takes me too much effort and time
Goals: Being able to use technological gadgets by my own when my children are not at home


simplify the interface


provide detailed visual feedback


Let’s start using


Combination of analog and digital interaction in wall-mounted air controller by

midea logo white
kraan render

Twist left

Twist left and pause to turn on the wall mounted controller. While the air controller is on, twist left means to go back.

KRAAN activation
Turn on
Go back from air consumption report

Click left/right

Click left/right to go through menu. Twist right to select.

Go through menus

Increase/decrease values

Click top/bottom

Click top/bottom to increase/decrease the values or go through vertical sub menu.

Go up and down vertical menu

Twist right

Twist right to select.

Concept development & Prototypes

We made Franken-models to test interaction concepts and let the client choose which one should be developed to an electrical prototype.

Tap and twisted was chosen to be developed to be an electrical prototype.

You can see my work process here.