Project – 2019


Paradiso is a service which offers personalized packages and outdoor activities based on user preferences.


Municipality of Bogliasco


Domus Academy


Akshay Purushotham, Theau Burret, Urmi Bhange, Yada Wisatekaew, Yifang Xu

My roles

Research, Interview, Ideation, Service design, Interaction design, UX/UI, Visual design, Prototyping

You can see my work process here.

Design Goals


Enhance tourism

Attract tourists to a sustainable discovery of Bogliasco, Italy


More accessible and less effort

Make tourist information easier to find for new visiting tourists


More connected

Connect Bogliasco to bigger tourist areas


Travel can sometimes create frustration when information about places is limited or not easy to access, especially when the destination is not a very well known touristic place. When there is not enough information, travellers might overlook the charm of the destination.

Activities at the destinations are among the main reasons for travelers to visit there. Bogliasco is a small coastal town in Golfo Paradiso, which offers a wide variety of outdoor activities to visitors.

Introducing new travelers to Bogliasco and guiding them to find the right activities there is a process that needs to be thought out, keeping in mind that travelers have different interests and budgets.

What we did in this project

Scope of work


User interviews, observation, shadowing and desk research were carried out in this project

UX design

After studying travelers’ flows and difficulties, we designed a new experience that solves their pain points

Interaction and UI

To communicate our service, we designed a web app to represent UX solutions


Video prototypes of the solution illustrates how it works


This research aimed to understand what are the attractive aspects of Bogliasco that draw in new visitors and how both frequent and new visitors get information to choose their outdoor activities. We spent a week in Bogliasco to explore the topic by performing interviews, observation, shadowing as new visitors and desk research.


We interviewed 11-12 people: individuals and groups, including local residents, local shop/business owners, Italian travelers and foreign travelers in Bogliasco.

The interviews with the locals and business owners focused on getting to know what activities are offered in Bogliasco and how to get access to them. At the same time, we were shadowing as new visitors to understand the steps that visitors have to go through in obtaining the information when they visit Bogliasco for the first time.

The interviews with the Italian and foreign travelers focused on how often and why they visit Bogliasco.


What’s in Bogliasco

Variety outdoor activities

There is kayaking, paddling, hiking, camping, surfing and many more activities. Some activities already bond with the next town (e.g. one can kayak to the next town, have an aperitivo, then come back).

Bogliasco is the starting point of Golfo Paradiso

Many new visitors discovered the town by accident while they were traveling to other towns further in Golfo Paradiso. Some people came back to visit Bogliasco because they found the town attractive.

Frequent visitors

Most visitors in Bogliasco are frequent visitors, who either have a second home in the town or live nearby (e.g. from Genoa).

Locals know, visitors don’t know

Frequent visitors and locals know how and where to get information about outdoor activities, while new visitors have to walk around and ask local people about it. The tourist information center is not always open.

Information about activities is scattered

Some activities in Bogliasco cannot be found online. There is no common platform or website that has information on all activities. Offline, visitors have to walk to the location of a particular activity to obtain information.

No map for hiking trails

There are long hiking trails which connect to neighboring cities. Unfortunately, no map was available when we were there for research.

User Understanding


Personas were generated from data about visitors when they traveled to Bogliasco.

Anna, 22

Social media user
Student, Berlin

“I like to travel to less crowded places with fewer tourists.”

Need: I want to go on trips within my budget plan.

Pain point: It takes time and effort to find information and be able to compare prices of the activities offered.

Goals: Visit unseen places and take part in activities as well as experience the culture of the destinations

Francesco, 47

Family man
Marketing Manager, Milan

“I bring my family to Bogliasco for vacation in our second home.”

Need: Spend my free time with my family

Pain point: I’m too busy with work and don’t have much time to plan the activities for our family vacation

Goals: Give my child enjoyable moments in our vacation

Poster and Leaflets

Poster and leaflets about Paradiso can be found both in Bogliasco’s train station and at activity locations, allowing new visitors to get access to the service

Tailor offers to your preferences

Tell us your preferred outdoor activities and your budget, then we personalize packages and activities available for you.

The activity packages can connect with other towns within Golfo Paradiso, inviting visitors from the bigger touristic area to Bogliasco.

User-generated hiking trails

Checkpoints generate maps for hiking trails. At the same time, when users upload photos at the checkpoints to social media, their friends can see and learn about Bogliasco’s scenic views.

Scan QR code at checkpoints on hiking trails
coupons interface


Completion of any user-generated content will be rewarded (e.g. discounts). The rewards connect to various businesses in Bogliasco or other activities in Golfo Paradiso.

Paradiso offers 2 types of rewards: short-term for occasional visitors and long-term for frequent visitors. The users can choose their reward type.

Plan trips with others

Share and plan your trip together with you travel companion(s).

How Paradiso works

User journey

You can see my work process here.